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Who we are .

Born Arab aiming globally, Haws aims to embody wonderful dreams into reality. ​Founded Back in 2009 as a studio for digital media and design, Now after nearly 2 ​decades, we're a big team of creatives, inspiring many brands in the region to ​evolve and deliver their message. Haws means obsession we're literally obsessed ​with creativity, design, visual identity, and strategic vision. Our studio culture is different we work as one powerful unit accepting nothing ​less than perfection and pushing each other toward a completely new perspective on art and design.

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Established in 2010
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Looking for a design services?

a set of strategic and tactical design process, from idea generation to a well excuted functional design.

We are Hyper-collaborative team of creative designers with a strong creative voice and vision.

Our Services.

Art direction

Developing projects at the earliest stages. Cast vision form concepts, and pilot design philosophy. Producing sketches, and storyboards, based on creative visions Understanding marketing strategic positioning, and target audience.

Brand identity design

Strategic approach with a wide range of high-quality identity design services A logo representing the true value of your brand followed by brand identity supporting elements, and design practice that capture the essence and character of your brand.

Event Production

Full attention to the smallest details we do events design from concept, and branding to the final 3d renders we do floor planning, 3d stage, exhibitions, registration area, gates, flags 3d booths, etc... Support the Production Team with Cad files, sizes, production files set material choices, and check doability

Brand Strategy

Workshop, split into multiple sessions. Remotely Via Zoom Conducted to understand your brand essence, we translate it into a solid brand strategy to inform the visual brand and brand assets.

Social Branding

Create a guidebook for your brand on how it looks, acts, feels, and speaks on social media.

3d visualization

Packed with knowledge and crisp high quality renders - we do a wide range of 3d services such as product design, Packaging 3d event design, 3d exhibition design, Booths and 3d charcter design

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